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NdStudio Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

We have been often asked what sets us apart from the competition. We realized it is not easy to assess one's own work. We are very critical of our work and we are hardly ever truly satisfied.

Perhaps this is what sets us apart. We are always looking for new ideas and better ways of doing things; we never feel what we do is good enough. As matter of fact, we think there's always room for improvement.

We think that if there is something special, that is the encounter between the classical and the modern, the merger between photographic reportage and new ideas. We appreciate a clean style and we always try to impress with the beauty of the picture itself and not with effects or photo editing.

Besides the technical aspects, we believe that being able to understand the client's needs right from the first meeting makes a big difference. Putting them at ease from the moment we meet them for the first time, all the way to the day we ask them to send us a postcard from their honeymoon.

The following is an excerpt of our best shots taken in recent years. Every picture tells the story of a marriage, capturing the magic and uniqueness.

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	wedding in Lucca

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	wedding in VIlla Bruguier Lucca

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	wedding photo in Siena

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	religious wedding

	bride kissing her grandma

	wedding in Massa

	bride under the veil

	Siena wedding photographer

NDPhoto di Del Mutolo Nicola e Gemignani David SNC
Via Spada Cenami, 547 - 55054 Massarosa (LU)
Tel: 0584.976401
PIVA: 02228940462

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