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Wedding Photographers in Tuscany

ND Studio was born from the artistic coming together of two friends: David Gemignani and Nicola Del Mutolo.
Right from the beginning, we specialized in wedding photography, shooting at weddings and other events both in Tuscany and in the rest of Italy.

Our style allowed us to shoot at several Italian weddings, however, we also began to shoot at weddings between foreign couples who decide to have their reception in Italy.

Wedding Photography in Lucca and Tuscany

Our idea of wedding photography is new. We don't like to linger on the past, we rather look forward to the future, mixing different styles and keeping a close eye on new trends. We borrow from fashion photography, new international trends and from our natural and artistic talent.
A wedding is the crowning of a dream and the fulfillment of a project. All details are meticulously organized: flowers, dresses, decorations and the reception. The only way to make this moment eternal is to take photos that will stay in the memory of the newlyweds as if they were souvenirs.

Our goal is an elegant photo service that will make you relive the excitement of your special day. Our service will be customized to your needs.
We do not want to be a wedding firm, but rather a craft shop, where quality and personalization of service are a must.

Photography expresses the very concept of eternity

NDPhoto di Del Mutolo Nicola e Gemignani David SNC
Via Spada Cenami, 547 - 55054 Massarosa (LU)
Tel: 0584.976401
PIVA: 02228940462

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